Following years in the product industry we decided to pivot our own careers and to embark on a new experience: taking on the responsibility of teaching the next web and mobile professionals.

With years of experience in training some of the best digital professionals, we have decided to establish Create - A school that specializes in teaching the process of digital creation.

We offer training in many subject areas, namely, User Experience Design, Product Management, Digital Design, Frontend and Software development. Each of our programs merges ideas with actions, and academics with the market, to ensure that the theory is skillfully backed by practicality.

Create incorporates a Career Center designed to launch our students into key positions in the high tech industry, a professional Studio serving SU & corporates, and a strong sense of knowledge sharing through our Magazine, events and conferences.


This is what we do

Training programs

We are currently focusing on User Experience, Digital Design, Frontend & Software Development.

Each program is specifically planned and developed by leading industry experts in order to produce the best, most efficient, industry-relevant and empowering programs for our students.

Recruitment and vocational training

Employee development and improving processes is a competitive advantage and strategic necessity in today’s challenging economy. Create is assisting organizations by maximizing their most important resource, their people. Providing professional training for employees and supporting companies in their recruitment process. Placement services creates value for both our students and the corporate world.

User experience and product design

Our Studio is always busy working on the next big digital product.

We love working closely with our customers, consulting them on anything from business models to product decisions, from User Experience Design to Branding, from Front End Development to Software architecture, and much more.

Events and conferences

Events, conventions and knowledge sharing is at Create’s backbone. We run a variety of events, designed to deepen awareness of standards and get interested parties together to discuss how we can push the boundaries forward.

We are big on sharing knowledge and huddling up the communities we are part of, be it through conferences, hackathons or just doing cool stuff. Stay tuned to reserve your seat before we are fully booked.

Our experience is truly unique and extensive, comprised of hundreds of digital projects.

Creating and optimizing digital products throguh user experience, design and development projects performed for SU and corporates globally

Recruiting, training and managing hundreds of UX, designers and developers

Teaching hundres of students that currently work in the industry

Extensive previous experience in Education; Previously founding Netcraft Academy and managing Wix Academy - an innovative ground breaking engineering academy

Senior managerial positions at Product companies

The people behind the brand

הסיפור של Oren

Oren Shtang

Co-founder & Head of Development programs

הסיפור של Lior

Lior Yair

Co-founder & Head of User Experience Programs

Our Specialities

Guidance for Start-ups

Trainings and private courses for companies

Convention optimisations

User experience for ecommerce

MVP consulting

Visual design

Professional events

Playing Starcraft (the original)

Let’s get to know each other

We're always happy to meet new people. Contact us and we promise to get back to you soon.



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